CNG CIVIC GX & Home Fueling

PHILL Home fueling
The Home Fueling Unit sold by FuelMaker called PHILL fills any CNG car using only 120 volt power and a connection to your Natural Gas Supply. The unit draws about 712 Watts taking about eight hours to fill the tank in the CIVIC.  The gas meter installed below the unit is simply used to measure the use of Natural Gas. 

The steel racking was made from Power Strut from the electrical department at Home Depot.  The racking is supported by a concrete footer with lots of re bar. The four inch square tubing is filled with concrete and re bar.  Installing a Phill unit is very similar to installing a tankless water heater.  It is important to determine if your utility meter and fuel gas plumbing can supply enough gas for home appliances and the addition of the Phil unit. In my case I simply installed 3/4 inch steel pipe from the utility meter.

We use gasoline gallon equivalent (gge) when comparing CNG to gasoline.  1 gge = 114,119 BTUs = 1.14 Therms.  The Phill unit pumps about .59 gge per hour. The CIVIC GX holds about 8 gge. If you want to consider the total fuel cost and included the electrical power, Phill used about 1.2 KWH per gge. It would take about 13 hours to fill a completely empty fuel tank.

The Phill unit is expected to run for 6000 hours before rebuilding.  If you were to purchase the unit and car at the same time the car would have been driven about 110,000 miles when Phill reaches the 6000 hours of use.